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Related post: on Google Maps). A notation will be added in RxPreceptor to each SITE noting Buy Cheap Cyclophosphamide whether the site is an �Out of AHEC approved site or �PY4 approved site. If students meet eligibility guidelines, they may request/apply for AHEC housing at that time. Students must apply for AHEC housing through http://my.ncahec.net/. You will be asked to create a MyAHEC account and complete the housing application process online. Contact information for each AHEC is Order Cyclophosphamide listed on the opening page. Once you submit a housing application, the local AHEC will contact you with further instructions. Most AHECs require a signed housing agreement and some may ask for a refundable housing deposit. While the AHECs are glad Order Cyclophosphamide Online to offer assistance in meeting student housing needs during rotations, they may not be able to meet all housing needs. PEP does not arrange housing. Cancellation Policy: You must cancel your housing application at least 5 days prior to your arrival date in order for the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy not to be billed (cancellations may be made online). For cancellations that are less than 5 days out, students must contact the local AHEC directly by phone or email. See Appendix A for the severe weather policy for student housing. Concurrent Employment and Course Enrollment Concurrent employment during the PEP is strongly discouraged and concurrent class enrollment is not permitted. All pharmacy practice experiences are full-time. Employment or job- related training cannot be considered when placing students in either AHEC regions or at practice sites or from excusing students from course responsibilities Students are required to spend a minimum of 160 hours a month (at least 40 hours/week) and a minimum of 20 days in the practice setting. The student is expected to spend a minimum of 40 hours in the practice site weekly. It is suggested that this time be divided into five 8-hour days. Practice sites may require students to work more than 40 hours per week. Students should adopt the same work schedule as their preceptor which may include second shift, evening or weekend hours; i.e. the student should work any shift the preceptor works. The preceptor may also require attendance at local professional society meetings and/or CE programs. Any need for alterations in the daily schedule, either by the student or the preceptor, should be addressed during the first days of the practice experience. Attendance, Bereavement, Residency Interviews Policy Preceptors acknowledge that extenuating circumstances occasionally occur that prevent attendance during rotation. At the discretion of the preceptor, an excused absence during one rotation period will be allowed as long as the objectives of the rotation are met. Any unexcused absence during the course of a rotation month must be made up in a way that meets with the preceptors approval. Failure to make up missed work will result in a grade of incomplete. Excused absences: Planned or unplanned absences are excused only under the following circumstances, which are beyond the control of the student: Medical necessity refers to unpredictable or serious illness of the student or an immediate family member. Documentation, such as a physician letter, may be required at the request of the preceptor. Routine medical or dental visits do not meet this criterion. Students should schedule routine medical or dental visits at the end of the day to avoid missing a full Bereavement Policy: An absence may be excused due to the death of a student's immediate family member (parent, child, spouse, grandparent, or sibling). Absences should not exceed a total of 4 absences during the rotation month. Excused absences do not have to be made up; however, if the preceptor determines that the objectives of the rotation cannot be met as a result of the excused absences, the student should work out a way to make up missed time at the preceptor's convenience. Participation in a pre-approved professional activity (i.e. activities of UNC SOP, local, state, or national pharmacy organizations) constitutes an excused absence provided the student informs the preceptor of the planned absence at the beginning of the rotation. Documentation of the professional activity is required. Work as an employee does NOT constitute participation in a professional activity. Events that PY4 students are encouraged to attend include the NCAP Annual Convention in October, Career Day which is typically scheduled in early November and the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy Student Research Symposium in late spring. Participation in Residency Interviews � Two excused absences for residency interviews will be allowed. Any additional days taken for residency interviews will have to be made up at the discretion of the preceptor. Documentation of scheduled interviews is required. The student must inform the preceptor of the planned absence(s) at least one month prior to the start of the rotation, if at all possible, or immediately at the time the interview is scheduled if during the course of a rotation month. Students cannot exceed a total of four absences during the rotation month when residency interviews are scheduled. It may not be possible to meet all student requests for an �off� month in February (off f rom APPE). Other extenuating circumstances: The preceptor may, at his/her discretion, approve a request for an excused absence for other Cyclophosphamide Price reasons. When possible, such requests should be made in writing at the beginning of the practice experience. Unexcused Absences are absences from rotation for any reason not listed above. Procedures for Absence Notification: The student must contact the preceptor of an anticipated absence as early as Buy Cyclophosphamide Online possible prior to the absence. If circumstances prevent the student from providing prior notification, the student or his/her designate should contact the preceptor by phone first thing in the morning of the absence. Messages should include the students name, a brief summary of reason for absence, and anticipated date of return. The preceptor will determine whether the absence is excused or unexcused. In the event of adverse weather, students should call their preceptor and follow the instructions of their preceptor. If there is concern about the preceptors instructions, students should contact their AHEC faculty member immediately. If a student does not feel that it is safe to travel, the preceptor should allow them to make up the time missed. Grading for the PEP is Honors/Pass/Fail with the following grade cut offs: Honors 93.0 - 100%, Pass 70.0 - 92.9% and Fail <70%. Grading for honors or pass is not figured into the student's grade point average. If a student receives the grade of fail for a practice experience, this will be figured into the student's grade point average. A student who fails an early or advanced practice experience will minimally, and at the discretion of the faculty, repeat the failed practice experience at a site determined by the faculty. If the faculty believes it is in the best interest of the student's learning, the student may be asked to repeat multiple rotations. A midpoint evaluation is conducted during all practice experiences to assess how the month is progressing from both the students and the preceptors perspectives. To insure that each student has successfully completed the objectives of the PEP, a final evaluation is completed by the preceptor at the end of each months practice expe.r iOennlyce the final evaluation will count toward the rotation grade. Each student must demonstrate a minimally acceptable level of competence for each rotation objective to achieve a passing grade in the rotation. All elements of the rotation are considered in arriving at the final grade: performance during the rotation; quality of assigned projects (if the preceptor assigns a project), other homework assignments, and progress toward completing the skills checklist. Student Guidelines for Professional Conduct Students are expected to behave with mutual respect and courtesy toward all pharmacy staff (including the preceptor, other pharmacists, technicians and interns), patients and their families, and medical and nursing staff. Students with concerns or grievances may only share these concerns with the individual involved, with their preceptor, with their AHEC faculty member, or with the Experiential Education Director, but not with any other students, pharmacy staff, other preceptors, patients or other health care personnel. A preceptors first duty is to his or her patients and work site, not to the student. Students must not expect the preceptor to be there to teach all of the time. The student, not the preceptor, is responsible for the students ow n learning. The practice experience serves as a bridge between students academic training and actual practice and also may provide networking opportunities for future employment. Students should observe and respect the practice at their practice site and learn from it Purchase Cyclophosphamide Online as they compare it to previous experiences. The sharing of experiences from previous learning environments in great detail is generally not conducive to a positive learning environment. Students should never publicly question the advice or directions of their preceptor, but discuss any concerns or disagreements in private. It is particularly important not to question the preceptors actions presencein the of patients or other health care providers. The student should use discretion in timing discussions with the preceptor about his or her practice. Students must respect any and all confidences revealed during the practice experience including patient health conditions, social information, pharmacy records, fee systems and professional policies. No mention may be made of confidential or proprietary information to any individual not directly involved in care of the patient or business in question. Failure to do so can result in dismissal from the site and no credit for the rotation. Students should take the initiative in communicating with physicians, patients and other health professionals, but should not step beyond the realm of professional Buy Cyclophosphamide courtesy and common sense. Students need to recognize and respect the fact that many preceptors Purchase Cyclophosphamide will need time and exposure to the student before enough trust can be built to allow the student to make unmonitored comments to other health are practitioners, and that this process will occur in each new learning environment. Students should expect to gain experience in
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